Resolve Pest Control offers a full array of pest services to rid your home of unwanted pests. Our satisfaction guarantee means what it says, if you’re not happy with our service you’ll get your money back. Expect prompt, courteous, professional services when your Resolve Pest Technician arrives. Our technicians are certified and registered receiving training on a regular basis.

Eco Responsible We pledge to use Eco Safe Products during the performance of our duties whenever they will do the job just as good or better than conventional pesticides.

Pest Services

  1. One Time (mosquito control for back yard get-togethers)
  2. Monthly Pest Service
  3. Bi-monthly Pest Service
  4. Quarterly Pest Service
  5. Bi-Annual Services (Ant treatments w/Termidor)
  6. Resolve’s Eco Green Service (using only Eco Friendly Products)
  7. Inside Flea Control
  8. Yard Flea Control
  9. Mosquito Control
  10. Animal Control and Wildlife Removal

At Resolve Pest Control “Responsive, Reliable, Resolve” is not just a slogan, it’s a promise!

Licensed in HPC, WDO, Mosquito, Ornamental and Turf, AIB Certified and Nuisance Wildlife.

Residential pest management usually works best when professional exterminators are involved. At Resolve Pest Control, we can help eliminate pest species from homes, apartments and businesses in the Atlanta area. Whether residents are currently suffering from infestations of ants, roaches, mosquitoes, bees or any number of other critters, we can put together a viable action plan that will quickly send the offending insects to their ultimate demise.


Ants are social creatures that can quickly and efficiently take over a residence. When one ant detects a morsel of food, it will quickly put down a chemical trail leading back to the main nest. Within minutes, long lines of worker ants will enter the home in search of more food. Amateur extermination techniques typically do not work well.


Roaches are generally attracted to areas where food and water are readily available. While some species live in the sewer system, others reside above ground. Roach infestations usually begin near sinks and faucets. Once established, these creatures will leave feces and other impurities in all areas of the house. Roaches are very hard to eliminate and can be particularly problematic for family members who are sensitive to allergens.


Mosquitoes require blood to produce eggs. For this reason, they are nearly always looking for new host animals. Mosquitoes can carry dozens of different diseases and are often found buzzing around windows and doorways. As professionals, we’ll use chemical sprays, larvacides and various other techniques to eliminate breeding populations.


Bees are dangerous insects that build hives in trees, rafters, windows and gutters. Many of the most common species are aggressive. Homeowners who notice wasps or hornets entering an enclosed area near the residence should always call in the experts for a formal inspection.

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