Rodents are typically troublesome to remove once they have become firmly established. Both rats and mice are common in the Atlanta area, and colonies can grow out of control in no time. These critters can leave behind droppings, urine and hair, which can quickly ruin foundational materials. At Resolve Pest Control, we can eliminate rodent species so that families can return to their daily routines without experiencing any further problems.


House mice, which usually live in outdoor fields, can enter homes and other buildings when they are looking for a place to nest. They can hide behind cabinets, storage boxes and other pieces of furniture. Because mice need only small amounts of food and water to thrive, eliminating them can be quite difficult. We can put together a comprehensive pest control plan that will usually include bait and traps. While professionals will nearly always be needed to completely eliminate resident populations, homeowners can help the process along by storing food carefully and fixing cracks near drains, conduits and pipes.


Rats are nearly always much larger than mice and can enter homes through holes in the walls or floors. Norway rats, which are quite large, are often found in basements. They are most likely to feed on garbage that has not been stored properly. We can help homeowners remove sources of food and water so that the rat population quickly dissipates. We can also set effective traps for the rats that are still living within the foundation of the home. Most rats are especially active during the twilight hours near dawn and dusk.

Since rodents can breed quickly, property owners who are currently experiencing an infestation will likely need to be as proactive as possible. By contacting Resolve Pest Control, we can ensure that the colony is eliminated before it becomes established. Prospective customers can call our company for a free quote and further assistance.

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