Termites can destroy homes, garages and even trees in short amounts of time. If you see these pests on your property, they may or may not have wings. The winged termites are often referred to as swarmers, and they are known for leaving piles of wings indicating their presence.

Finding Termite Infestations

Not all termite infestations are visible. Termites can live under buildings, behind walls and under the surface of the ground. There are four different forms of termites, and only drywood termites always enter the home through windows and other highly visible places. Most termites enter structures by tunneling and making dirt tubes, which can be seen along the outside of a house or garage.

Another way to look for termites is to knock on walls. If a wall sounds hollower than it should when hit, it is possible there are termites. Chipped paint and wood that appears gnawed may also indicate termites are infesting your property. Since termites are difficult to find in many cases and can destroy structures quickly, it is important to have a professional control company perform regular inspections and set up a termite control program.

Controlling Termites

There are several methods of termite control and extermination. Extermination methods often depend on the type of termites an exterminator finds. For example, subterranean termites that live in the ground are better treated with liquid and/or baiting systems. However, drywood termites that live above ground are better treated with spot treatments or fumigation methods.

Having regular inspections will help protect your property and any belongings termites may eat. Termites do not eat only wood. Some types eat paper materials and textiles as well. Home removal methods are ineffective, so it is critical to call a professional for preventing or treating termite infestations. Resolve Pest Control is a trusted company in the Atlanta area, so call for a free quote today.

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