Atlanta homeowners and business owners who are currently dealing with mosquito issues will likely recognize how annoying the pests can be. The insects tend to congregate in locations where standing water is evident. Mosquitoes can interrupt picnics, barbecues, swimming events and outdoor presentations. Once established in an area, they can be incredibly difficult to eliminate. At Resolve Pest Control, we’ve got the skills and the expertise to eradicate these troublesome pests once and for all. Property owners will again be able to enjoy their outdoor areas without worrying about mosquitoes.


While mosquitoes will inevitably cause small welts on the skin that can become rather itchy through time, they can also transmit serious diseases to their victims. The insects, in fact, can carry dozens of different pathogens. Because the females require blood to produce eggs, humans and pets are prime targets. When homeowners spot the insects buzzing around nearby doors and windows, they should take action as soon as they can. These insects can be especially troublesome for small children, the elderly and infants.

Eradication Techniques

We’ll use a number of different methods to eliminate local mosquito populations so that the bugs do not return. In nearly all instances, we will use calibrated chemical sprays to drive mosquitoes out of shrubs, bushes and trees. These sprays will coax the insects from their resting places while leaving the plants themselves undamaged. If the target home is in an area that is especially vulnerable to mosquitoes, we may also spread granules on the ground and larvicides at breeding sites.

At Resolve Pest Control, we are committed to performing careful inspections before a treatment plan is devised. While light infestations may only require a single treatment, heavier infestations can sometimes only be halted through secondary treatments. Interested parties can contact us for a free quote and further assistance.

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